Here’s to our women in business!

Here at Park Proms, we are incredibly proud of our fantastically skilled team. The team are driven by a passion for live events and wonderful entertainment. The women in our team are important to us every day of the year, but today on International Women’s Day, we thought that you might like to get to know them a little better!


Michelle Ansell

Michelle is one of the Park Proms directors, a purposeful business-minded project manager with partnership management and global event delivery experience.  Previous work includes: Envision Virgin Racing Formula E Team, Russell Coutts – SailGP, Extreme Sailing Series, Jaguar Land Rover, Panerai.   The Park Proms idea was created and initially developed during lockdown. ‘Whilst live events were cancelled and work as I knew it came to a stop, it felt the right time to concentrate my skills, develop a prestigious new event, and basically create my own luck and success’. Being authentic, working hard and growing as a person and the business are some of the characteristics Michelle lives by.

As a married mum of two young boys, life is busy, thankfully it’s just got a little easier with the reopening of schools!

Guilty pleasure: Drinking bubbles under the stars

Inspirational women: As a wanna be athlete at heart, Sharon Davies and Dennis Lewis

Best concert moment: Singing loud (and terribly) with my girl friends at a Take That concert as a teenager.

Sian Teasdale

Sian is a well established marketing professional in the creative events sector. Her experience spans working internationally with some of the worlds largest brands and organisations from Facebook and IHG to Carlsberg and Adidas. From creating solid marketing strategies that dominate the digital realm, to knowing how to create engaging content and campaigns that customers want to see. A creative flair is imperative and it is what makes businesses and brands unique, Sian has led experiential and digital campaigns that really deliver the wow factor. Understanding the industry and it’s challenges is her most valuable strength and it is with hard work and dedication that she drives the digital identity for Park Proms!

Guilty pleasure: Lazy Sundays full of Netflix, it’s needed to unwind after hectic weeks of planning!

Inspirational women: My Mum! She is the most creative, selfless woman I will ever know.

Best concert moment: Seeing the Foo Fighters not once, but 8 times… So, all of their concerts!

Ellie Foster

Ellie has worked in hospitality and events for over 10 years, she credits her career successes to mainly women who have supported her, elevated her and championed her along the way.

Guilty pleasure: Trashy tv! I don’t watch a lot of tv but it used to get me by on my long commutes and I never really gave it up!

Inspirational women: Her most inspirational woman was easy to choose, her mum. After studying hard to be a pharmacist and having 3 children under the age of 4 at one time, she then climbed the ranks and became top of her game by the age of 60. Ellie was used to seeing her travel for work, work hard and be proactive to get where she wanted to be.

Best concert moment: Was watching Sophie Ellis-Bextor give it literally all she had at a local concert. After seeing big stars performing with millions spent on dancers and production, it was great to watch Sophie Ellis-Bextor performing with nothing but a stage and band and she owned it!

Caitlin Gray

Caitlin is a dedicated 3rd year Business Student at the Bath Business School, born and bred in Hampshire. Her work spans across the UK, working for multiple companies from London to Bath within her Professional Placement Year. A super sociable events amateur, she has worked within the nightclub industry, held TEDx conferences, worked on event proposals for museums  and of course now Park Proms! Caitlin is getting stuck in with all elements Park Proms, from hospitality to social media content and cannot wait to get back and involved in live events once more.

Guilty pleasure: My guilty pleasure would have to be blasting some classic 80’s tunes with a glass of white wine in hand whilst dancing around the kitchen.

Inspirational women: The most inspirational woman in my life is my wonderful Granny. Always inspiring me to be better and make myself proud.

Best concert moment: My favourite concert moment would have to be Coldplay in June 2016, there is no better feeling than letting the music take over and singing your heart out whilst the sun is shining!